Laravel Pizza Festival

On Thursday, June 8, the first physical Laravel Pizza Festival will take place in Groningen! As developers among each other we would like to share our knowledge and want to inform you of the latest/most recent developments.

Why you don’t want to miss the Laravel Pizza Festival? There will be three interesting talks, a pizza truck and open bar (all for free)!

for the First Laravel Pizza Festival at Qlic.


  • Thursday June 8 2023

  • Time 6:00 PM until +- 10:00 PM


  • Sharing knowledge

  • Free pizza

  • Free drinks

  • Meeting other developers

Interesting talks about:

  • Afbeelding van spreker

    Laravel Application Consistency by Bobby BouwmannLaravel offers a plethora of opinions and approaches to software development. In a team setting, achieving consistency becomes paramount, as it ensures smooth collaboration, code readability, and maintainability. This talk aims to delve into the intricate world of programming with Laravel, focusing on the significance of consistency and sharing practical strategies.

  • Afbeelding van spreker

    React by Andrei CroitoruReact feels awesome but TypeScript with react feels amazing! We are going to look into what makes this combination best and how to use it more effectively to increase your developer experience. Learn how to make Generic Components, use TypeScript together with useRef, how to make use of TypeScript in hooks and more.

  • Afbeelding van spreker

    Testing by Jamie SchoutenWhether you’re new to testing or an experienced developer, if you’re looking for a simpler, more expressive way to write tests for your PHP applications, then PEST PHP is the testing framework for you. In this talk, you’ll learn about the basics of PEST PHP, including its syntax and structure, testing features, helper functions, datasets and how to run tests in parallel. You will also learn how to install and set up PEST PHP for your own projects. This talk will provide valuable insights and practical tips for using PEST PHP to improve your testing workflow and write better, more reliable code.

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  • Being a developer

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